Date: 17th January 2018 at 10:24pm
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Bristol City head coach Lee Johnson has restated that Hordur Magnusson remains a key player for us, and it’s believed Plymouth Argyle have won the face for Zak Vyner.

Beginning with news on Magnusson with FC Rostov relinked with the player now the January transfer window is open, Johnson is quoted by the Bristol Post as saying about the 24 year old left back.

‘Well it wouldn’t surprise me, with any of our players to be honest. Because they have had the exposure and have been playing well. It was well documented in the previous window that Hordur Magnusson was subject to a bid from FC Rostov in Russia but obviously we don’t talk about the current situation with our players because it’s about keeping the focus for them and concentrating on the job at hand. But Hordur’s a good example. A player on the up.’

Johnson went on to say.

‘We signed him from Juventus and he’s done very well. He’s taken some adjustment time but every player we sign will have to take some time to adjust. He’s a player that we don’t want to lose and we see him as a key player moving forward.’

The Bristol Post went on to say that they believed that Vyner was now close to finalising a move to Plymouth Argyle for the remainder of the 2017/18 season.

Johnson had previously confirmed that Vyner had been the subject of interest from a number of clubs.

‘You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t with Zak. I really like him and he’s a great character and a very, very good footballer. He’s definitely got some development in him. If I was a League One manager I’d be doing everything I can to bring in Zak on loan as a right-back or a centre-half. I guess the question mark for Zak is what his ceiling is as far as positioning. Is he going to maximise his career potential as a right-back or centre-half?’

The gaffer went on to say.

‘As fas as his technique goes and coming out with the ball, he can be a really top level centre-half. He needs to learn how to deal with the aggression and the little tricks of the trade you get from the lower league strikers. The little bumps you get at the right time. You see that Bailey Wright is now very clever at that. He takes people under the ball, he knocks them off balance, he takes the ground. It’s almost like sneaky stuff but within the rules of the game. The more Zak plays the more he’ll learn those little tricks of the trade and the better he’ll become.’


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