Date: 8th May 2008 at 4:12am
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Many of you reading this will have posted messages on various Bristol City related messageboards. OneCity uses one that I do and has posted the following review of the season which, with his permission, I have reproduced here. It is a worthwhile read. CiderJar

This board has proven to be an excellent source of free entertainment. I’ve very much enjoyed it since subscribing at the start of the campaign.

I personally view football rivalry and the general sniping that comes with it as a unique and fascinating phenomenon. But I’d like to think that most of it is just tongue in cheek, and deep down we realise that we are each regular blokes (and gals) that happened to have been born and raised in differing towns and cities, no more or less pleasant than our own, and developed a natural allegiance to the local club based there. I would expect there to be few genuine downs syndrome sufferers in our common number, and whereas some of us may have unfortunately been born out of wedlock, our parents are most likely not related in any way.

Furthermore as a case in point, Plymouth, contrary to popular belief, is in fact in England, and mindless thuggery (although thankfully not abundant) is probably proportioned equally throughout, and the statistics of those that actively practise bestiality (the sick bastards) are probably no higher in Wales than the rest of the Uk. There may be a few minor cultural or dialectal distinctions between us though: we in the west country consume copious amounts of cider – we produce it, sell it, and drink it, and more so pro rata than in any other British region. But heh, no problem, there are far worse things to be accused of…

But anyway, just wanted to reveal a moment of clarity amongst the sniping to say cheers for the season on FF – the insightful debates, the witty comebacks, the superb arguments! Long may they continue, and long may the many great characters that contribute to it, stay.


Finally, I would like to congratulate those teams on their individual achievements this term, and (without snipes) commiserate those that, well failed..

The finest team in the division, certainly. Many congratulations on the promotion, and the championship. Thoroughly deserved. Good luck in the Premiership!

Stoke City
An excellent season that faded briefly, but found strength again at the crucial time. Commitment and overall longevity of form sealed it in the end against your promotion rivals. Regardless of what next year brings, very well done for the accomplishment, and all the best.

Hull City
If anyone truly fancied Hull from the beginning they are probably fond of porky pies. But the doubters were silenced. I saw Hull at AG a couple of months back, and they played some very tidy footy indeed. Their wave of momentum broke a little early though, as did ours, but the playoffs are a fantastic achievement.

Seems narcissistic to congratulate oneself (sue me), but i will anyway. Many other teams that thought they did not belong in League One bounced back far quicker than our appalling spell of 8 YEARS down there. So perhaps they can imagine the pleasure of our success after so much disappointment. Mid-table was our goal, but where we ended up was far beyond our expectations. A tremendous season… which isn’t quite over yet.

Crystal Palace
A truly unbelievable and masterful feat of management by Warnock. Shrewd business, talented youngsters, and tactical acumen paved the way. From the brink of nothingness to glory within a few months… Has such a dramatic recovery ever been witnessed before? Certain playoff favourites.

Congratulations on sixth spot, though it must seem anti-climatic in the extreme after the lightning start. But counter to that, after being so nearly overtaken at the very end, a playoff finish must also feel like a great success.


Leicester City
What can I say? You must be gutted. I know. Been there, done that, got pissed to a stupor in my sorrow. Humbling isn’t it, and almost every fan suffers it one time or another, (some more often than others) – this is simply your turn. The quicker you come to terms with that the easier it will be. But it does get better in time. Big internal changes are needed, and assured, and when completed you won`t be down for long.

Thought you would do better than this after last year. Shame you couldn’t keep your best players, this wouldn’t have happened otherwise. It’s doubly unlucky because 46 points in other seasons might have been just enough, and not a bad return for a first season in the CCC.

Unlucky guys, sorry to see you go. But perhaps a couple of years at this level will serve to harden the current playing staff, giving them an edge in League 1.

Special mention to the Saints for avoiding the drop so dramatically, to Sheff Wed for steering out of the mire with little room to spare, and after such a horrendous start to the campaign, to Cardiff for reaching the Cup Final – awesome achievement, to Barnsley for steering their way to safety and felling mighty Liverpool and Chelsea in the cup, and to Blackpool for finishing 19th. It’s got to be mission accomplished hasn’t it? A fine season indeed.

Thank you for listening. And thank you for a fascinating, compelling, and funny season on this forum.

You may now return to general sniping, of each other’s fans, teams, grounds etc, as well as speculating the questionable genetic heritage of fans in certain towns and cities, and indeed entire metropolitan populations.


One City

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  • Well just hope the U’s are not down for a few years, we’re coming straight back up (well hopefully)!!!!!

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